Nuclear Waste Jobs is an independent job board that provides a niche recruitment marketing service to the nuclear waste industry. 

The site was created in 2023 by Recruitment Specialist Trevor Hart, working with Nuclear Waste Services. The primary aim is to promote working in Nuclear energy and waste management by delivering news content and jobs to a wider skilled labour force working outside of the nuclear industry.

As part of the site's expansion plans, I am offering supporting organisations the opportunity to join our network media partnership, to provide additional support to candidates using our portal.

The Benefits of a Network Media Partnership:

This partnership is a reciprocal, non-financial exchange, helping to promote each others' organisations across their individual platforms.

What this partnerships can offer your organisation:

  • A page about your business, linked via a banner on specific pages
  • News updates published
  • Career events and job fairs
  • Posts shared to over 12,000 linkedin followers

In exchange, strategic partners provide:

  • Banner and link (If possible)
  • Promotion through optin newsletters
  • Share content direct off individual pages onto Linkedin and social media

To find out more, please complete the contact form